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Online Learning Glossary

Demystifying Online Learning: A Glossary of Essential Terms

The world of online learning offers a vast array of educational opportunities, but navigating the terminology can feel overwhelming. This glossary equips you with a clear understanding of key terms to enhance your online learning experience.

General Terms:

  • eLearning (electronic learning): An umbrella term encompassing all forms of digital learning, including online courses, mobile learning, and blended learning approaches.
  • Online Course: A structured learning program delivered entirely online through a learning management system (LMS).
  • Learning Management System (LMS): A software platform that facilitates online course delivery, management, and communication between instructors and learners.
  • Synchronous Learning: Learning that occurs in real-time, with instructors and learners interacting simultaneously through online tools like video conferencing.
  • Asynchronous Learning: Learning that happens on your own schedule, allowing you to access course materials and complete activities at your own pace.
  • Blended Learning: A hybrid approach combining online elements with traditional in-person classroom sessions.

Coursework and Assessment:

  • Module: A self-contained unit within a course that focuses on a specific learning objective.
  • Lecture: An online presentation or video lesson delivered by the instructor to introduce key concepts.
  • Discussion Forum: An online platform for asynchronous communication where learners can interact, share ideas, and ask questions.
  • Quiz: A short assessment tool used to gauge understanding of course material, often delivered online.
  • Assignment: A task or project that learners complete to demonstrate their knowledge and skills acquisition.

Learner Engagement:

  • Interactive Learning Activities: Engaging online activities like simulations, gamification elements, and collaborative projects that promote active learning.
  • Online Community: A virtual space where learners can connect, share experiences, and support each other throughout the course.
  • Webinar: A live online seminar or workshop delivered by an expert on a specific topic.
  • Open Educational Resources (OERs): Free and openly available learning materials like textbooks, articles, and videos that can supplement your online course.

Additional Terms:

  • Accreditation: Recognition by an official body that a program meets specific quality standards. Important for ensuring the credibility of online degrees or certificates.
  • Online Proctoring: A method of supervising online exams to ensure academic integrity.
  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD): Ongoing learning activities undertaken to maintain and develop professional skills. Many online courses cater to CPD requirements.

This glossary equips you with a foundation for navigating the exciting world of online learning. Remember, online learning platforms and specific courses may use variations of these terms. If you encounter unfamiliar terms, don’t hesitate to reach out to the course instructor or LMS support for clarification.

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